Daniel Anderson and Travis Cooper are schooled in the great tradition of songwriting. Drawing from their influences and experiences, they meticulously craft their music, accepting nothing less than excellence from themselves. As kindred spirits, they have joined together to travel and play their songs for audiences who also expect more than the record execs have to offer.

A songsmith is simply defined as ‘a composer of songs’, but the meaning goes much deeper.

A true songsmith is an artist, who has a deep dedication to his craft. He doesn’t just write music and lyrics, he tells a story using melodies. A songsmith doesn’t bow to the trends of the day, nor does he seek to appease those who do.

We live in a time where image has overtaken talent, originality has given way to ‘the formula’, and the world is more obsessed with ‘reality’ shows about music than music itself. Songsmiths are few and far between, or at least the record labels and media conglomerates would like you to believe they are.

In fact, there are artists in the world who are creating songs that are real, honest, and original. That’s why the Songsmith Renegades are here.